ArabWheels is the only automotive media to introduce its first official Mascot: Ra’ed! With his tanned skin, confident look and professional racing driver suit, Ra’ed reflects the image of all Arab men who are passionate about cars and who love the thrill of racing and the speed of vehicles.

With his enthusiastic and playful character, our new mascot will share new tips, ideas and opinions relevant to the world of cars on the Facebook page of ArabWheels or while present at driving-related events. Also, Ra’ed will have his monthly special rubric “Tip of the Month” through which he will offer a useful little tip to the magazine’s readers.

Why sponsoring Ra’ed the Mascot?
Marketing with a mascot is a unique idea that would perfectly work. The mascot seems to always catch people’s attention. People love to meet
mascots, get pictures with them, and give them a high five. They are also memorable!

The mascot will be great at events and promotions. He’ll also be great for YouTube videos. We take our mascot Ra’ed to a motorshow, parade, event, school and university. We make him dance and wave for people. In addition to all the events, we can shoot a product or/and promotional video using the mascot for any client.



1st ArabWheels Awards Ceremony


Dubai International Motorshow 2015


Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show 2015