ArabWheels Magazine is a unique and innovative portal through which Middle-East car enthusiasts will find a window to the global and regional automotive world. It is jammed packed with news that covers the automotive industry from various angles with an objective point of view. From emotionally charged test drives, serving its readers with unlimited up-to-date information, with its cutting edge design, ArabWheels attracts men who are looking for a read that harmonizes their personalities and lifestyle. It is a comprehensive automotive publication, easy to read and involving package.

To date, ArabWheels has a growing fast print run of over 55,000 copies, more than 5000 of which are distributed in Lebanon and the rest in Jordan, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt. It is available through direct mail, on newsstands and in bookstores, reaching a very large number of educated readers. Subscription can be done by visiting our website: www.arabwheels.net or at ArabWheels Stands at major regional Motor Shows. Moreover, 2000 copies are directly mailed to decision makers, sponsors, directors, managers and executives in all sectors of the market.

Editorial Features:

• Rolling News: It features the top and hottest news around the Middle-East and the GCC.
• Auto Shows: We instinctively cover every single auto show happening on planet earth. ArabWheels is an active member of the motorshows society.
• Reviews: We present opinionated and informative review of the latest models on the market.
• Global Drive: Global means on an international basis or first drive. Our editors go behind the wheel and provide the readers with a detailed report on experience and how it would relate to everyday usage.
• Regional Drive: Regional refers to the test drive done in the Middle East and GCC or in other terms the driving experience in our home region.
• Editors’ Choice: This section refers to the vehicles our editors choose to test drive and asses with no global or regional drive debut. Normally this section is dedicated to the people who are looking for cars already in the market for a while.
• Special Feature: This section includes anything out of the norm and is unique. It can feature the visit to a museum or factory. And the test on a new tire or a new driving academy experience with any automaker.
• Spoil Your Ride: It is all about meeting new car aficionados who tuned their vehicles either from the exterior or interior.
• Extreme Stunts: We choose the best stunts that are out of the norm achieved by people within the automotive industry.
• Motorbikes: Like we instinctively cover the auto industry, we have also a dedicated part for the motorbike lovers.
• Interviews: We surely meet many of the automotive world’s decision makers, drivers, engineers, and designers. We sit down with them and them about the latest news in their careers and their views on the state of their respective fields.
• Events: Events can be Formula 1, Rallies, Classic car shows, Tuning Shows, Drift or Drag races, etc…
• Lifestyle: This section attracts men who are looking for a read that harmonizes their personalities and lifestyle. It could be a very luxurious watch, wallet, pen or even clothes apparel and trendy shoes.
• Updates: Usually updates refer to the happenings in general that are related to the auto industry. Usually it is all about numbers and sales figures.

ArabWheels is always evolving to meet its reader’s demands, making it one of the most comprehensive automotive publications in the Middle East area catering to its #1 priority the reader.

After the 15th anniversary (2002-2017), ArabWheels is constantly still reaching an ever growing public via our Pan Arab distribution network involving 10 countries, with direct mail subscribers spread all around the world.

Get in gear and subscribe now, or pick up your latest copy of ArabWheels, which will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget!

Our Team
Issam Eid
Issam Eid

Editor in Chief

Issam Eid, Lebanese-Canadian journalist/editor/anchor is one of the youngest experts and most prominent in the car industry in the Middle East. His career started in automotive journalism back in 2005. He has organized several road safety campaigns, hosted several auto radio shows and most importantly, test driven most of the cars produced worldwide. With a list that goes on and on from judging certificates to racing certificates and more, he personally tunes and collects classic cars. He was a jury member on the panel of judges in the Middle East Motor Awards, Custom Design Cup and MECOTY.
Khaled Hammoud
Khaled Hammoud

Co-Editor in Chief

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry both in racing, tuning, media with mechanical and technical background, Khaled was an editor for one of the leading automotive Arabic car magazines in the region. He was crowned three years in a row (1999, 2000 and 2001) as the UAE Champion in the Auto Cross C-Stock category. With a list that goes on and on from media production and publishing to race certificates and championships and more, he is a tuner himself and has owned a tuning workshop.
Mohammed Ershad
Mohammed Ershad

Contributing Editor (UAE)

Ershad was all set to launch Skynet and face Judgement Day when Mr. Schwarzenegger intervened and shut off the system. The ex-telecoms techie landed in Dubai on a hot summer day in 2008 and ended up following his passion for motor power. Being a part of Arab Wheels, he has got his hands on almost every possible automotive marque. The love affair with automobiles has been growing stronger ever since, and is not going to stop until there is a Chiron and Agera parked together in his garage!
Jennifer Robertson
Jennifer Robertson

Copy Editor

Jennifer grew up fascinated by travel and transportation. She combined these passions by learning to fly. She spent over a decade flying around North America-flying crews in and out of diamond mines, taking tourists up to the Arctic to see caribou roaming and watch the Northern lights, and ended up as a Captain on a twin-turbo-engine plane flying exclusively for government officials. In order to fulfill her "need for speed" nowadays, Jennifer has turned her interests to the auto industry. Working for ArabWheels gives plenty of inspiration; and even inspires her to rev up the Porsche 911 that she and her husband drive "for fun."